Our story

More than 55 years ago one man desired to help growers accurately grade their vegetables. His talent and visionary ideas revolutionized the sorting industry. We dare to change but also remain true to our founder. Understanding customers' needs, providing the most technologically advanced tailor-made machines and offering the best customer service.


customers' needs

A perfect understanding of the produce, market and specific needs of our customers is essential in the development of a new sorting and packing solution. We always think in terms of tailor-made solutions which allow our customers to better respond to market and consumer demands.


Cutting-edge technology

Innovation is part of our culture. Our specialists are the foundation of our innovation. They work on developments and cutting-edge technologies using their broad knowledge. This way we can develop, assemble and test in-house. We are at the pinnacle when it comes to scanning of produce and the automation of sorting and packing equipment.


Global thinking, local approach

In everything we do, we always have the well-being of our customers in mind. With this mindset we have realized a worldwide network of dealers and service organizations that is available 24/7 and continues to grow. Aweta's strength lies in being able to think internationally and at the same time adapt to specific characteristics of each market.

Worldwide service

Awarded technology

Turnkey solutions

55 years of experience