Aweta's month at Fruit attraction 2020

02 November 2020

Thirty one days of Fruit Attraction LIVE Connect has come to an end. In times when we are all getting used to working remotely and online meetings a virtual event is an obvious choice. Our digital stand was built around our latest innovative external quality system, Ultravision Hyperspectral.


As the produce industry continuously has to adjust to new requirements from the market and end-consumers, quality sorting becomes the standard in the industry. Especially during this pandemic where we see a clear trend in increased demand for fresh fruits & vegetables, whether it is to boost your own immune system or make delicious meals at home! This emphasizes the need for a next-generation sorting system is unquestionable. At Aweta, we are proud to have the answer for you: Ultravision Hyperspectral. This brand new vision system will be able to achieve a higher performance on separation of the different quality classes, while reducing labor costs, optimizing your production and enhancing productivity.



The past four weeks we interacted with many potential customers. Sharing insights concerning sorting and grading your produce. How to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, making sure we all use the latest technologies! Hope to see all of you next year again!